We are revival

About Us

Revival offers exclusive real estate services with a focus in commercial investments, finance & lending solutions, and real estate services. In 2016, Team Revival and its culture was built on its core values and integrity. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and creative nature, which allows us to remain at the cutting edge of our industry. 

We stay abreast of the latest market intelligence using state of the art real estate data aggregators as well as online business tools to identify market trends to create win-win solutions for our clients.

We place education as one of our company's core values to ensure that our clients can buy, sell, and invest with trust and confidence. 

If you are ready to experience real estate at a higher level, Revival is here to take care of all your real estate needs.


Team Revival



Managing Director

As co-founder and CEO of The Revival Group, Steven has dedicated his knowledge and expertise in real estate to build an ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of the industry.  Graduating from Penn State University with a focus in Risk Management, gives our investors trust and confidence in our brand. His true passion lies in helping others build a lifestyle that focuses on the things that truly matter most.



Administrative Director

As co-founder of The Revival Group, Gina has built a foundation that stands on company culture and first class values.  Her passion to help others has allowed her to create a client service experience with a focus on creating win-win solutions.  Gina's knowledge of real estate gives our clients trust and confidence that they're in the right hands throughout their experience with Revival.



Acquisitions Manager

As a 30 year resident of Long Island and a 25 year resident in New York City, Rosemary puts her insider knowledge to work to find a special property in your neighborhood of choice. Our lead Agent Rosemary is a Certified Probate Real Estate specialist who has extensive knowledge in Estate Sales. Our firm uses the latest marketing tools to expose your property to the widest possible range of qualified buyers.  Why choose Rosemary as your real estate agent?  She is committed to listening to your needs and working tirelessly on your behalf.



Risk Manager

Sadiq joined Revival in 2018 as the Risk Manager for Revival. After graduating from Penn State, Sadiq's career started off at an insurance company as a Analytical Risk Assosciate. Sadiq's passion in understanding numbers and analytics has helped grow Revival's Commercial business. He now plays an instrumental role in analyzing potential investments, managing financials and implementing new workflow solutions across the organization. He is a committed learner in staying abreast of the CRE Industry to safeguard our investor's interest